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280 Divisadero Street
The project involves a vacant former carriage house (part of City Landmark No. 190, the Charles L. Hinkel House and Carriage House), behind a larger "main house" at 280 Divisadero Street. The project sponsor, who lives in the main house, proposes alterations to the carriage house so that it can be used as a second residential unit. The proposed work was originally defined as rehabilitation; however, Planning staff has determined that the project would be considered "demolition" of the carriage house under the standards set forth under Planning Code Article 10. The proposed work includes a new foundation, new structural framing, replacement of exterior siding, removal of the existing large doorway, installation of window openings and new or enlarged windows and doors to provide more interior light; new utilities, and the addition of decorative trim. At the second floor, the sponsor proposes to replace a non-historic aluminum dormer window with a new wood sash window in a narrower dormer that would be topped by a new pyramidal cupola. The dormer window would be raised to provide a more usable floor plan and more natural light at the second floor. Two new oval wood windows would be installed in the western slope of the existing Mansard roof, which would be re-covered with new roofing and, except for cupola, would retain its existing profile. Existing wood siding would be reused where feasible. An outside deck would be constructed atop an existing carport, which would be converted to a garage. Additional detailing would include decorative metal railing along the roofline, a weathervane atop the cupola, and a new chimney. Minor excavation would be required for construction of the new foundation and for installation of utilities. The proposed project would affect only the carriage house; no changes to the main Charles L. Hinkel House are proposed.
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City and County of San Francisco 280 Divisadero Street
City and County of San Francisco 280 Divisadero Street