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Wilson Avenue Extension
The project being proposed for implementation consists of acquisition of the road right-of-way by the City from the County, extending Wilson Avenue with minor widening of the existing Wilson Avenue east of Deer Creek Channel and the northern extent of Milken Avenue; and constructing a new bridge over the Day Creek Channel. This project is proposed to be funded by the City. Access to all existing cross roads, dirt or paved, will be maintained by the project. The typical Wilson Avenue alignment encompasses a 101-foot-wide right-of-way along the non0bridge portions of the project that would include 4-foot-wide sidewalk along both sides of the road and a 12-foot-wide multi-use trail along the south side of the road separated from the sidewalk by trail fencing and landscape strips. Pedestrian and trail access to the adjacent RAFSS habitat on both sides of the roadway will be restricted with 36-inch high plastic fencing. At the bridge location, approximately 1,000-feet of chain-link fencing would discourage access to adjacent habitat. The existing dirt roadways and mining road access will be maintained in place with access from the proposed roadway through control of these at grade crossings. The proposed improvements would include two 11-foot wide through traffic lanes in each direction and 5-foot wide Class ll bike lanes in each direction for a total typical roadway width of 64-feet in accordance with the General Plan typical roadway cross-section for a secondary arterial.
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City of Rancho Cucamonga Wilson Avenue Extension
City of Rancho Cucamonga Wilson Avenue Extension