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GreenVolts Utility-Scale Solar Field
Note: Subsequent The project is to modify existing Conditional Use Permit, C-8719, to allow the solar array installation of high-capacity photovoltaic solar cells to be expanded from 9.74 acres to 14.08 acres within the 20.5-acre lease area, to allow use of a new system of solar tracker arrays that would be a maximum of 24 feet high depending on the time of day and season, and to increase output capacity from 2 to 3 MW. The intent is to provide renewable power to Pacific gas & Electric (PG&E) to meet the California mandated Renewable Portfolio Standards set forth in California Public Utilities Code, Section 399.11. The project site was chosen for its proximity to the adjacent Tracy Substation of the Western Area Power Administration.
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Type Lead Agency Received Title
Alameda County GreenVolts Utility-Scale Solar Field
Alameda County GreenVolts 3 Megawatt Utility-Scale Solar Field - Modified Conditional Use Permit (Application PLN2010-00120)