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101 Ranch Specific Plan
The proposed project would span approximately 1,894.7 acres and would include 73 residential neighborhoods or planning areas. Proposed land uses would consist of a maximum total of 6,986 homes on lots ranging from 4,000 to 8,000 sq. ft. (1,303.3 acres); up to four elementary schools distributed among approximately 48 acres; a 20-acre junior high school site; 13.1 acres of community shopping center (which might develop alternatively with mixed commercial/institutional/ residential uses); 183.5 acres of parks, recreation centers, paseos, trails, and landscaped open space buffer; 11.9 acres for recreational vehicle storage: 155.8 acres of stormwater retention facilities and irrigation easements: and 159.4 acres of major roads (excludes a 26.8-acre linear strip owned by the UPRR). These uses would occur in various combinations and quantities within the three separate communities: west, central, and east. The specific plan provides that if the school districts determine that not all of the school sites are needed and/or the commercial site is developed as a mixed-use site, additional residential units may be developed on those sites (up to 7,481).
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Imperial County 101 Ranch Specific Plan
Imperial County 101 Ranch Specific Plan
Imperial County 101 Ranch Specific Plan