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Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance
The project consists of the adoption of the Ban on Plastic Shopping Bags Ordinance, establishing a ban on the use of plastic shopping bags in the City of Malibu. Plastic shopping bags are a significant component of litter in the environment due to their durability and light weight. Plastic shopping bags become litter along streets, pollute watersheds, and the marine environment. Studies have shown that plastic shopping bags have adverse effects on marine wildlife and the marine environment. Plastic shopping bags do not biodegrade in the environment and are often mistaken for food by birds and marine animals with significant negative impacts. Not all plastic bag litter found in Malibu and its nearby marine environment originates in the City; however, the proposed project would decrease plastic debris generated in the City. While the ordinance would ban plastic shopping bags, it would allow paper bags made from at least 40 percent post consumer recycled materials to be used. Since these bags can also become litter, education outreach programs for residents and business owners will be launched to encourage patrons to choose and use reusable bags, and thereby offset any increased demand for and impacts from paper bags.
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City of Malibu Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance (Initial Study No. 08-002 and Negative Declaration No. 08-001)
City of Malibu Plastic Bag Ban Ordinance