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Sutro Tower Digital Television Project
The project site is in the Midtown Terrace area of the Twin Peaks neighborhood. The proposed project would involve conversion of the television antennas on Sutro Tower from the current combination of analog and digital to an all-digital system, in compliance with a Federal Communications Commission mandate effective 2009. Project components would include: (1) replacement of the nine existing analog main antennas at the top of Sutro Tower with no more than five digital antennas at the same location; (2) structural upgrades to the tower to enable the tower to meet Building Code wind resistance requirements for an "essential facility" and to accommodate the placement of new digital television equipment on the tower; (3) removal of four digital main television antennas between Levels 5 and 6 of Sutro Tower; (4) removal of nine analog auxiliary television antennas on Level 2 and installation of two digital auxiliary antennas extending between Levels 3 and 4 and one digital auxiliary antenna at Level 2; (5) alteration, replacement, or addition of small ancillary and accessory antennas and equipment associated with the operation of Sutro Tower broadcasters; and (6) addition of auxiliary equipment, and electrical, elevator, and public safety improvements associated with the proposed project. The project would result in an overall net reduction of approximately 14 television antennas, from 22 to 8 antennas. There would be no expansion of the tower itself or the ancillary buildings at the base of the tower.
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City and County of San Francisco Sutro Tower Digital Television Project
City and County of San Francisco Sutro Tower Digital Television Project