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Dauchy / JFK Creek Crossing Project
A new 12-inch diameter waterline is proposed to replace an existing 12-inch diameter waterline on John F. Kennedy Drive. The existing waterline is located underground and below the creek bed, and now faces accessibility problems and severe corrosion due to it being below the water table. John F. Kennedy Drive is currently a dirt road between Dauchy Avenue and Louis Pasteur Drive. The proposed pipeline will be located underground except where it crosses over the drainage feature (known as the Dauchy Creek) that is qualified as a jurisdictional water of the U.S. as defined with Section 1600 of the California Fish and Game Code. The District is proposing to keep the pipeline at a level that may allow for a future bridge that is proposed by the City of Riverside. The suspended pipeline will be suspended approximately 14 feet above the bottom of the Dauchy Creek. The suspended portion of the pipeline will be a 12-inch diameter pipeline within a 30-inch diameter steel encasement. Security measures (such as barbed wire fencing) to prevent people from walking on, climbing on, or defacing the pipeline will be incorporated. Future maintenance activities of the suspended pipeline may include painting over and trimming of tree branches.
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Western Municipal Water District Dauchy / JFK Creek Crossing Project
Western Municipal Water District Dauchy / JFK Creek Crossing Project