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Indio Trails Specific Plan and Outparcels
Entitlement applications have been submitted for approx. 732 acres of land that is currently within the Cit. of Indio's Sphere of Influence. The project consists of a subarea consisting of 494 acre Specific Plan, subdivision, and development agreement. There are 5 entitlements proposed for the project site: 1. Environmental Assessment (EA) 07-8-480: Under CEQA an EIR has been prepared. The purpose of the EIR is to review the existing conditions, analyze potential environmental impacts, and identify feasible mitigation measures to reduce potentially significant effects. 2. Change of Zone (CZ) 07-3-654: To Pre-zone approx. 732 acres within the City's Sphere of Influence to the Specific Plan (SP) Zone. 3. Specific Plan (SP) 07-3-22: The Indio Trails Specific Plan (ITSP) is proposed as the governing document for a 494 acres (+/-) portion of the 732 acre project site with the proposed land uses that include low to high density residential (1,150 dwelling units), commercial uses, and natural open space. 4. Tentative Tract Map 35796-1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (TM 07-3-449): A proposed subdivision within the ITSP (494 acres+/-) for approx. 1,150 dwelling units, commercial land use (4.8 acres), open space (267 acres), recreational amenities, paved roadways, concrete walks and driveways, landscape areas, and retention basins. 5. Development Agreement (DA) 07-3-23: A contract between the Cit. of Indio and the developer for consideration of the rights and procedures for the development of the 494 acres ITSP project site.
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City of Indio Indio Trails
City of Indio Indio Trails Specific Plan and Outparcels
City of Indio Indio Trails Specific Plan and Outparcels