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Clovis Research & Technology Park
The proposed Research and Technology Park Expansion Project includes an amendment to the City of Clovis General Plan and the Herndon/Shepherd Specific Plan to add ~153 acres to the existing Clovis Research and Technology Business Park (R&T Park). The Project area is generally bounded by Nees Avenue on the north, SR 168 on the south, the Enterprise Canal on the West, and SR 168 and the Harlan Ranch on the east. The existing R&T Park is ~180 acres in size and the addition of the proposed 153 acres Project would expand the R&T Park to a total of 333 acres. Permitted uses will consist of certain manufacturing, assembly and research uses. The comprehensive list of uses and their classification are listed in Table 1, Section 9.3.288 of the the City's Municipal Code. The Project allows a maximum development of up to ~2.4 million sf of research and technology uses based on the net of ~139 acres and a Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of 0.40. The 0.40 FAR allows the construction of up to 40% of the net area (139 acres) of the Project area with actual buildings. The Project also includes the opportunity for Live/Work units. The types of uses anticipated for the Live/Work units include artist studios, professionals/consultants, photo studios, etc. Approximately 113 acres are currently designated by the Clovis General Plan as Very Low Density Residential, 19.9 acres are designated as Commercial, and 20.1 acres as High Density Residential by the Clovis General Plan. The Herndon-Shepherd designated the Project site as Large Lot Residential (2.2 du/ac) and Open Space. It also provided for "floating" designations of Neighborhood Commercial and Multi-Family. The Project would amend both the Clovis General Plan and the Herndon-Shepherd Specific Plan and establish a new land use area, Mixed Use Area 40, which includes primary uses of Research and Technology Business and provides opportunity for secondary uses of Live/Work units. The Project will require an amendment to the clovis General Plan Circulation Element and Herndon-Shepherd Specific Plan Circulation Element to allow required changes to area circulation including the extension of Alluvial Avenue from Temporance Avenue through the Project site and revised roadway development standards for Nees and Locan Avenues.
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City of Clovis Clovis Research & Technology Business Park Expansion
City of Clovis Clovis Research & Technology Park
City of Clovis Clovis Research & Technology Park
City of Clovis Clovis Research & Technology Park Expansion (Phase III)