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Bellwood Condominiums Project
The project site is consists of 26,218 square feet of lot area zoned C2-1VL-O and 47,201 square feet zoned R3-1-O, 112 apartment units, and Bellwood Avenue. The project proposes 158 for-sale flats and townhome units, with a zone change for the project site from C2-1VL-O and R3-1-O to RAS4-1VL. The project also proposes the merger and re-subdivision of the project site, including the vacation of the public street easement for Bellwood Avenue through the project site. As part of the project, a new private street easement will be created pursuant to LAMC § 17.09. The new private street easement will be realigned and wil provide public vehicular and pedestrian access to both ends of Bellwood Avenue.
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City of Los Angeles Bellwood Condominiums Project
City of Los Angeles Bellwood Condos