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Mahony Final Map Subdivision
A Zone Reclassification from Agriculture Exclusive (AE) to Agricultural General with a Special Building Site Combining Zone specifying a 60-acre minimum (AG-B-5(60)) or other zone consistent with the General Plan. The rezone will facilitate the Final Map Subdivision to subdivide 492 acres into five lots ranging in size from 75 to 120 acres. The project includes a Merger/Lot Line Adjustment to result in Parcel A of approximately 203 acres and Parcel B of 492 acres that is proposed for subdivision. The merger/LLA will correct a conveyance in violation of subdivision regulations. The lands zoned TPZ are unaffected by the LLA. The lands are undeveloped, and resultant parcels will be served by on-site water and sewage disposal systems and accessed via Lauffer and Island Mountain Roads. The project requires exception to lot frontage requirements, exception to road category requirements from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, and exemption to solar access standards.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Humboldt County Mahony Zone Reclassification, Final Map Subdivision, Lot Line Adjustment
Humboldt County Mahony Final Map Subdivision