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Wyndham Pointe Subdivision (Tentative Subdivision Map Application S-13-05)
The proposed Wyndham Pointe Subdivision Project consists of the subdivision of the entire 29.68-acre (22.17 net acres). Project site permitting the development of 78 single-family residential lots. The Project also includes the construction of streets, utilities, and storm drain improvements as required to serve the proposed development. Principal site access is proposed to be available from Wyndham Lane. A secondary public access will be provided to the site via Valentine Lane. As an amenity, the proposed subdivision also proposes an 8-foot meandering pedestrian trail along the southern boundary of the site, atop the bank of Canyon Hollow Creek. Implementation of the proposed project will be constructed in three phases over an anticipated four-year period. However, the pace of development will be ultimately predicated on economic conditions being conducive for buyers purchasing homes. It is assumed that infrastructure improvements for each phase will be constructed over an approximate four-month period depending on weather conditions and acquisition of necessary approvals from the various utility purveyors.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
City of Redding Wyndham Pointe Subdivision Bridge (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2020-0030-R1)
City of Redding Wyndham Pointe Subdivision (Tentative Subdivision Map Application S-13-05)
City of Redding Tentative Subdivision Map Application S-13-05, Wyndham Pointe Subdivision