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The Home Depot
This project involves the construction of a Home Depot Store on an existing 10.11-acre commercial site. The first phase of the project would require the demolition of the existing structures located on site. Demolition would remove a 109,000-square foot vacant K-mart building, as well as 12,360-square foot attached in-line shops and parking lot improvements. It is estimated that the existing parking lot area is approximately 80,400 square feet (402 spaces). Subsequent to the required demolition of the vacant structures, the second phase of the project would consist of the construction of a 96,973-square foot Home Depot home improvement store, with an attached 13,669-square foot outdoor garden center. Approximately 110,640 square feet would be developed on site, including 395 parking spaces.
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City of Thousand Oaks The Home Depot
City of Thousand Oaks The Home Depot