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Otay Ranch Eastern Urban Center Sectional Planning Area and Tentative Map
The project includes the implementation of the EUC Sectional Planning Area (SPA) Plan and Tentative Map. The proposed project also contains 3 off-site components, including the Soils Stockpiling Area (SSA), an ~59 acre site immediately to the south of the EUC; the Salt Creek Sewer Lateral (SCSL) Improvement Area, a 1.44 acre site located ~1.1 mile to the east of the EUC; and the Poggi Canyon Sewer Improvement (PCSI) Area, an in-street sewer line improvement in the Olympic Parkway right-of-way at Brandywine Avenue. The proposed EUC SPA Plan would result in the development of a maximum of 2,983 multi-family residential units; a maximum of 3.487 million sf of non-residential floor area; ~16 acres of urban parks; a 5 to 6 acre elementary school site; an ~1 acre fire station site; and ~30 acres of street right-of-way. The off-site components of the project involve short-term construction activities, only. The SSA would receive fill soils from the EUC under one of the SPA Plan's 2 grading options; the SCSL Improvement involves installation of 173 ft of 15 inch diameter sewer line and 2 additional manholes on the existing Poggi Canyon Sewer line. The EUC SPA Plan is consistent with the City of Chula Vista General Plan and Otay Ranch General Development Plan. Approval of the proposed project would require adoption of the proposed Village EUC SPA Plan, which includes a Form Based Code (FBC) and required SPA Plan components, and a tentative map and certification of the Final EIR.
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City of Chula Vista Eastern Urban Center (EUC) Sectional Planning Area (SPA) Plan EIR
City of Chula Vista Eastern Urban Center (EUC) Sectional Planning Area (SPA) Plan EIR