SCH Number 2007021015

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UPS Freight Facility
The proposed project is the construction and operation of a freight office/cross-dock facility. The conceptual plan for development within the project limits includes four structures, collectively totaling 143,900 square feet. Building A (proposed crossdock) will encompass approximately 119,850 square feet, of which approximately 4,600 square feet will be devoted to office uses. Building A will provide 250 doors accommodating crossdock operations. Building B (fuel area) will total approximately 2,230 square feet. Vehicle and site maintenance operations will be housed in Building C, which is approximately sized at 19,200 square feet. A vehicle wash area will be supported from the approximately 3,300-square foot Building D.
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Type Lead Agency Received Title
City of Rialto UPS Freight Transfer Facility
City of Rialto UPS Freight Facility
City of Rialto UPS Ground Freight Facility