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Nick S. and Patricia M. Satariano (TPM-06-15)
The applicants are requesting Tentative Parcel Map approval to create three parcels of 2.6 acres, 2.77 acres, and 4.11 acres in size from two existing parcels totaling 9.48 acres. Sewage disposal for the resultant parcels would be provided by an on-site septic system. Water services would be provided by on-site domestic wells. The applicants are proposing to construct a 400-foot access road over an existing asphalt driveway that currently serves one existing single-family residence (not a part of the proposed project). The proposed access road would serve Proposed Parcel 1 and Parcel 2. Proposed Parcel 3 is developed with an existing residence and is currently served by an existing privately maintained road. The proposed access road would be constructed to a modified Plate III standard, which includes an 18-foot wide travel lane, two 2-foot wide shoulders, two 1.5-foot wide drainage cuts, and a 6-inch aggregate base. The access road would be located within an existing easement for ingress/egress and utilities. The privately maintained roadway would encroach onto North Old Stage Road (County Road No. 3L01). A 60-foot hammer-head turnaround is proposed to be constructed at the terminus.
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Siskiyou County Nick S. and Patricia M. Satariano (TPM-06-15)
Siskiyou County Nick S. and Patricia M. Satariano (TPM-06-15)