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Osborne Hill Subdivision Project
NOTE: Review Per Lead Tentative Final Map, Use Permit, and Rezone would permit development of 56 residential lots and 20 condominiums / town homes on the ~224 acre site. Ultimately, the proposed Project would create 56 single-family residential lots on ~28.53 acres. The average lot size would be ~0.43 acres. Actual lot sizes would range from ~13,560 sf (0.31 acres) to 48,635 sf (1.12 acres). Each lot would be constructed as a single-family detached dwelling unit. In addition, the Project proposes 20 residential condominiums / town home units on ~10.99 acres. Ten dwelling units are proposed as 3 bedroom units, and 10 dwelling units are proposed as 2 bedroom units. The Project proposes to construct a community building with a swimming pool, 2 lodging rooms, and other common Project amenities on ~3.43 acres. Additionally, the Project proposes to maintain ~178 acres (or 79%) of the site in permanent open space. This open space would only allow minor intrusions of access roads and utility installations. Additionally, the open space would allow the construction and operation on non-motorized trails and other passive improvements.
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Nevada County Osborne Hill Subdivision Project
Nevada County Osborne Hill Subdivision Project
Nevada County Osborne Hill Project