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Lundbar Hills, Unit No. 6
The applicants are requesting approval of a subdivision, variance, lot line adjustment, and conditional use permit that would facilitate the construction of Lundbar Hills Subdivision, Unit No. 6; which is the final phase of the Lundbar Hills Subdivision. Unit No. 6 would consist of 56 new lots ranging in size from 6,500 square feet to 49,900 square feet with a remainder parcel of about 8.5 acres. All but five lots will exceed 7,000 square feet. The subdivision would extend Lundblade Drive to the east curving south to the south property line; and it would extend Dickson Drive to the south then to the east to intersect back with Lundblade Drive near the southeast corner of the property. Twenty lots would front on the extension of Lundblade Drive, 23 lots would front on the extension of Dickson Drive, and 13 lots would be served by a new cul-de-sac, Kathleen Court, which will intersect with Lundblade Drive and extend to the north. New construction on Lots 178 and 179 uphill and to the rear of 5110 and 5120 Lundblade Drive would include engineering to remedy any existing surface runoff that crosses those properties. Unit No. 6 would require approval of one variance to allow a reduced lot depth for Lot 170. The Zoning Regulations specify a minimum lot size of 6,000 square feet with a minimum lot width of 60' and minimum lot depth of 100 feet. Lot 170 would have a lot size of about 7,800 square feet, a lot width of about 100' and a lot depth of about 80'. The applicant is requesting approval of a condition use permit that would allow timber harvesting of about 12 acres of previously logged land for roadway construction and building site preparation purposes. Approximately 250,000 board feet of timber would be removed. The timber harvest will also require approval by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection of a Timber Harvest Plan. The project also includes a lot line adjustment that would transfer about 4,650 square feet from Unit No. 6 (APN 301-031-039) to 4829 Dickson Drive (APN 301-281-038). The property at 4829 Dickson Drive is currently about 8,350 square feet and after the lot line adjustment would be about 13,000 square feet. The Director of Community has authority for approving or denying the lot line adjustment; the Director approved the lot line adjustment on January 9, 2007.
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City of Eureka Lundbar Hills Subdivision, Unit No. 6
City of Eureka Lundbar Hills, Unit No. 6