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Sonoma Valley Business Park
Request for a 1) A Major Subdivision of 20.46 acres of industrial zoned property into seven parcels of 2.2 acres, 1.69 acres, 1.5 acres, 1.4 acres, 1.8 acres, 2.42 acres, 4.06 acres and a commonly owned parcel of 2.93 acres; and 2) Design Review Permit to construct six industrial buildings totaling 297,478 square feet with up to 15% of the space (44,622 square feet) for accessory office uses incidental to the primary industrial use at the northwest corner of Freemont Drive (Highway 121) and Eighth Street East. The project consists of buildings ranging in size from 26,290 square ft to 55,408 square feet with office space in the buildings ranging from 3,944 square feet to 8,301 square feet. The applicant is proposing to construct 470 parking spaces which would meet the parking standards for the office area and a 50/50 mix of manufacturing and warehousing. Other site improvements consist of landscaping, a rebuilt drainage channel from former railroad spur located at the north end of the project site down to and paralell to the hwy, lighting and wetland mitigation.
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Sonoma County Sonoma Valley Business Park
Sonoma County Sonoma Valley Business Park