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Viltrakis Minor Subdivision
A minor subdivision of an approximately 20.09 acre parcel into two parcels of roughly 10 acres each. Proposed Parcel 1 is currently developed with a residence, barns and onsite water and sewer facilities. Proposed Parcel 2 is vacant. The applicant's agent has prepared water and soil information to establish a suitable residential site on Parcel 2. Both will be accessed via Lytle Lane, a private 16' wide gravel road within a 40' easement. The project requires Firesafe exceptions for length of dead end road width. The proposed mitigation for these exceptions is the conveyance of secondary dwelling unit rights on each resultant parcel and construction of turnouts along the road. An exception request has been forwarded to the Fortuna office of CDF.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Humboldt County Viltrakis Minor Subdivision
Humboldt County Viltrakis Minor Subdivision