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CUP-S-591 / TP-S-626
The Applicant intends to alter the streambed to construct a paved recreational vehicle storage facility for 392 vehicles, two wash bays, sanitary dump station, a propane fueling area, and an office building on a 12.3 acre site adjacent to the north bank of the Arroyo Simi. An agricultural levee built about 40 years ago has created an impoundment basin which now contains willow riparian woodland and scattered oaks. The southern portion has been used as a dumping site, and contains broken concrete and arundo, which will be removed and the area will be restored. An unnamed seasonal creek on the west side of the property will be restored with native species and designed as a migration corridor, with a solid wall of vegetation on the east side to screen the migration path. The crossing under Los Angeles Avenue will be replaced with a larger, pre-cast box culvert. The facility shall have a water/oil/trash separation system to filter the rain runoff from the pavement. The Department recommends permeable paving where possible.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
City of Simi Valley CUP-S-591 / TP-S-626
City of Simi Valley CUP-S-591 / TP-S-626