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Jeffrey Road/Walnut Avenue Intersection Improvement
The City of Irvine proposes to improve the Jeffrey Road/Walnut Avenue intersection with the addition of a shared through/right-turn lane, and a second left-turn lane on Walnut Avenue in the eastbound direction. The widening improvements have been designed to accommodate an increase in traffic volumes for left-turn, through, and right-turn movement. These improvements would require Walnut Avenue to be widened 8 feet to the south with a final roadway width of 86 feet. Widening Walnut Avenue would also necessitate 8 feet of additional right-of-way to be acquired to the south resulting in a final right-of-way width of 106 feet. A Class III sidewalk bikeway will be located within the acquired right-of-way. The existing westbound and eastbound on-street bicycle lane on Walnut Avenue (between Wisteria Lane and Jeffrey Road) would be relocated to the sidewalk, and the existing bus stop on Walnut Avenue would be accommodated within the right-turn lane. The existing eastbound bikeway will be reduced from 6 feet to 5 feet from approximately 185 feet west and terminate at Wisteria Lane. The limits of the widening on Walnut Avenue will span from its intersection with Jeffrey Road to approximately 185 feet west of Wisteria Lane.
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City of Irvine Jeffrey Road/Walnut Avenue Intersection Improvement
City of Irvine Jeffrey Road/Walnut Avenue Intersection Improvement