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Yuki Pear Orchard Removal
The project proposes the following actions to the project site: 1. Remove the pear orchard and all other trees on the site and ont he Airport Operating Area adjacent to the site using excavations or similar equipment. the trees would be chipped or disposed of in the most appropriate manner. It is anticipated that a wood recycling feasibility analysis will be conducted. 2. Replace the orchard with a grass monoculture similar to the grass in the airfield, or Airport Operating Area (AOA). The grass will be maintained through periodic disking to eliminate habitat for wildlife species that regularly intrude into the nearby AOA, thereby posing a hazard to safe aircraft operations. 3. The existing airfield perimeter fence that forms the northern and eastern sides of the property (bounded by Delta and Walnut Roads, respectively) will be removed. A new, higher airport perimeter fence compliant with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements will be installed in such a manner that the entire property will be completely enclosed within the secure airfield. 4. Houses and other farm structures will be removed by demolition or through a joint training excercise for Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) and City of Sacramento Fire Stations 3 and 30. The decision to proceed with such a training excercise will be based on the results of an analysis of lead-based paint and asbestos containing materials in the structures.
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Sacramento County Yuki Pear Orchard Removal
Sacramento County Yuki Pear Orchard Removal
Sacramento County Yuki Pear Orchard Removal