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Monte Vista Storm Drain (Whitebrook Storm Channel) Project
The California Department of Fish and Game is executing a Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement number 1600-2005-0688-R5 pursuant to Section 1602 of the Fish and Game Code to the project applicant, Ms. Kim Prijatel of The Olson Company. The operator proposes to alter the streambed and banks by the construction of a concrete trapezoidal channel extending from the South Pacific Railroad southern right-of-way line (52-feet south of railroad centerline) to approximately 800 linear feet south along the existing stream course. A transition of approximately 40 linear feet will taper from the existing flat bottom streambed to the proposed concrete channel to allow for the diffusion of waters into the proposed concrete channel; medium to heavy rip-rap concrete rock will be placed in this segment. The Operator shall not permanently impact more than 0.24 acre of stream consisting of disturbed riparian habitat. The Operator shall mitigate for impacts by providing adequate funding to the Santa Ana River Conservation Trust Fund, administered by SAWA for the purchase of 0.96 acre of credit to be applied towards the creation, restoration and/or enhancement of 0.96 acre of native riparian habitat. Proof of payment of fees shall be submitted to the Department prior to commencing project activities. SAWA should provide an annual report of the mitigation site to the Department of Jan. 1 for years 1 through 5. Photos from designated photo stations shall be included. Non-native species shall comprise less than 5% of the cover after 5 years. Invasive species shall comprise 0% of the cover at the end of the 5-year monitoring period.
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City of La Habra Monte Vista Storm Drain (Whitebrook Storm Channel) Project
City of La Habra Monte Vista Storm Drain (Whitebrook Storm Channel) Project
City of La Habra Monte Vista Storm Drain (Whitebrook Storm Channel) Project