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Gateway Village Area Plan
SWRCB, as the responsible agency, will be issuing a water supply permit. The Riverstone Root Creek Water District will construct 1 tank (provisions for future second tank) and 3 wells to supply water to an estimated 858 homes, roadway frontage and park landscape, and agricultural turnouts to a new Riverstone Development. Well number 1 will have 250 HP and produce 1,300 gallons per minute, well number 2 will have 400 HP and produce 1,600 gpm, and well number 4 will have 300 HP and produce 1,400 gpm. A small 6-foot by 9-foot by 8-foot structure will house the sodium hypochlorite pump and plastic drums at the 3 wells sites and an injection quill will chlorinate the water before the water enters the hydropneumatic tanks at each site. A compressor will be attached to the tanks and space will be left for the addition of future wellhead treatment at these sites, as needed. Well 1 and Well 2 will connect to the 18-inch distribution line through 10-inch piping and then will connect to the one 1,000,000 gallon tank 3 600-gpm pumps (provisions for future 4th 600-gpm pump) will be installed to pump the water through 16 inch piping to an installed 7,500 gallon hydroneumatic tank. !2-foot pole mounted LED lighting wil lbeinstalled across the site. A 6-foot chain link fence will surround the site with barbed wire above it. A flow meter and SCADA system will be installed. From the hydropneumatic tank the water will be pumped through 16-inch piping to the already installed water system piping mains consisting of 12-inch, 14-inch, and 18-inch piping. Well 4 will connect to the water infrastructure with 12-inch piping. The project will provide for the operation of these systems.
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Madera County Operation of Riverstone Village A Water System
Madera County Gateway Village Area Plan
Madera County Gateway Village Specific Plan
Madera County Gateway Village Project

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