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Riopharm Residential Development
The operator proposes to alter, or partially fill, two perennial streams on a 13.13-acre site to develop 24 residential units consisting of 11 detached town-home units on 2.73 acres within Tract 48901 and 14 single-family residential units within 10.4 acres on Tract 48312 (for total of 13.13 acres), a debris basin, a retention basin/velocity dissipater, various storm drains with outlets, concrete v-ditches and splash pads, a recreational area, a public sidewalk adjacent Agoura Road, underground utilities and private and public roadways. Of the 13.13 acres, 5.3 acres would be dedicated open space. The debris basin would intercept natural hillside drainage south of the development and the existing 60" storm drain, along the north end of the project, would be replaced with a 72-inch R.C.P. storm drain. Proposed grading within and adjacent to the project footprint results in the alteration, partial removal of, or complete under-grounding of 0.932 acres of perennial streams and riparian habitat, including the removal of several mature oak trees.
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Type Lead Agency Received Title
City of Agoura Hills Riopharm Residential Project TTM 48321 & 48901
City of Agoura Hills Riopharm Residential Development
City of Agoura Hills Riopharm Residential Development