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Shoreline Sailing Lake Water Supply Project (CIP 04-18)
The City of Mountain View (City) proposes to modify and upgrade the infrastructure that delivers water from Inner Charleston Slough (ICS) to supply the Shoreline Sailing Lake (Lake) at Shoreline at Mountain View Regional Park. Project goals include providing a long-term reliable supply of water for the Lake; ensuring that operations and maintenance costs are predictable and controllable; and sustaining or improving water quality in the Lake. The proposed project would replace the existing pump station with a new facility of the same capacity and extend a new Lake Pipeline along the north side of the Lake. The existing pipeline would be capped and abandoned in place. The existing outlet facilities at the east end of the Lake would be modified slightly and remain in service to allow continued discharge from the Lake into Permanente Creek. The new Lake Pipeline would provide for a new flushing operation that would allow water to be discharged from the Lake into ICS periodically to remove accumulated sediment. The project would include construction, operation, and maintenance of the following components: - a pump facility equipped with two pumps (one duty and one standby) and new discharge piping and valving to permit flushing from the Lake into ICS; - improvements to the existing ICS gravity intake structure that would accommodate flushing discharges to ICS and conveyance of Lake water supply to the pump station; - a new Lake Pipeline with two pipe discharges; and - a new Lake outlet structure.
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City of Mountain View Shoreline Sailing Lake Water Supply Project (CIP 04-18)
City of Mountain View Shoreline Sailing Lake Water Supply Project (CIP 04-18)