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Sparkuhl Subdivision / Project #2004-TM-01
A Planned Development Permit to allow for the development of 19-single family residential lots, 1-pocket park, and supporting roads and infrastructure on 20-parcels totaling 11.78 acres. The originating 20-lot subdivision of TTM 5308 was approved on 07 November 2005, and the final TM 5309 was approved on 16 Jan. 2018. The property is designated as a Residential Single Family land use in the General Plan (1998), and in an R-A 20 zoning district (Rural Residential: max 2-du/ac; min. 20,000 sf lot size.
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Type Lead Agency Received Title
City of Santa Paula 18-PD-01 Sparkuhl Ranch - TM 5308, 19--SFR Subdivision & 1 Pocket Park
City of Santa Paula Sparkuhl Subdivision / Project #2004-TM-01