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Proposed Site No. 2A West Side Educational Complex, Delano, CA
The proposed project consists of constructing the educational complex, which would consist of: (1) One elementary school (K-5) with administration offices, 4 kindergarten classrooms, 25 standard classrooms, restroom facilities, playfields, play courts, and parking; (2) one middle school (grades 6-8) with administration, 32 standard classrooms, 4 science labs, 1 technology lab, 1 art classroom, 1 music classroom, gymnasium, restroom facilities, mechanical facilities, playfields and parking; and (3) joint use facilities consisting of a library and media center, kitchen, and multipurpose building. The proposed school would operate as a "single track modified calendar." Most of the students would be within walking distance of the schools. Special education transportation would be provided with school buses. The educational complex would be used for nighttime and weekend meetings and events on a regular basis. Nighttime lighting would be required for buildings and parking lots. The proposed elementary school has a master plan capacity of 600 students and the middle school has a master plan capacity of 800 students. Construction would not begin until approximately 2007-2008.
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Delano Union School District MND for the Proposed Delano Union School District, Delano, California
Delano Union School District Proposed Site No. 2A West Side Educational Complex, Delano, CA