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Chow Family Winery, File #P04-0421-UP
Approval of a use permit to establish a new 20,000 gallon per year winery with: (1) construction of a new one-story building for a winery totaling 10,924 sf; (2) an attached 1,360 sf covered crush pad, a 1,675 sf covered equipment area, and a 1,047 sf covered porch; (3) the removal of 8.3 acres of vineyards; (4) replanting of 6.8 acres of vineyards; (5) four full-time and 8-10 part-time employees during crush and special events; (6) retail sales and tours and tasting by appointment only; and (7) a marketing plan with 38 activities per year consisting of: 12 tours and tastings per year for wine trade personnel for 5 to 20 guests (10 average), eight during normal business hours, four in the evenings and on weekends; 12 private promotional dinners per year for 15 to 35 guests (25 average), all during evening hours; three private promotional dinners and tastings per year with an accessory musical program for 50 guests, all in the evening on weekends only; four private promotional tour, tasting and dinners per year for 50 to 100 guests, afternoon or evening, weekdays and weekends during wine auction related events per year for 75 guests, afternoon or evening, weekdays and weekends during wine auction week; and four meetings per year of various wine-related organizations such as Vintners and Enologists, including dinner, tasting and speakers for 40 guests, during weekday evenings.
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Napa County Chow Family Winery, File #P04-0421-UP
Napa County Chow Family Winery, File #P04-0421-UP