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Honby Pipeline Project
The proposed pipeline would be located in the City of Santa Clarita, County of Los Angeles. It would connect with the existing 84-inch Treated Water pipeline, which connects to the Rio Vista Water Treatment Plant (RVWTP). The pipeline would end at the new Sand Canyon pump station, where it would connect to a short, 60-inch pipe extending from the pump station. Water transported by the pipeline would be treated at the RVWTP, as occurs with the existing pipeline. The total pipeline length is approximately 9,500 feet. The pipeline would be constructed in two phases. Phase 1, which would have a total distance of approximately 2,500 feet, would begin at the Treated Water pipeline, at a point located just southeast of the RVWTP, where the Treated Water pipeline first intersects with the proposed Newhall Ranch Road right-of-way for approximately 1,700 feet. It would then head south down the slope just west of the above-ground Los Angeles Aqueduct for approximately 500 feet and continue parallel to the western side of the aqueduct for a distance of approximately 300 feet, where it would temporarily connect with the existing Honby pipeline. Phase 2 would begin at the north bank of the Santa Clara River, crossing the river parallel to the above-ground Los Angeles Aqueduct on its western side (approximately 1,600 feet). On the south side of the river, the pipeline would be installed in a new easement in the northern portion of the East Greenbrier Mobile Home Park. The mobile home park maintains a greenbelt and paved storage area for recreational vehicles in this area. The pipeline alignment would continue east, crossing under the new Golden Valley Road flyover (a planned elevated roadway expected to be completed by July 2005) and under property owned by the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power. This section of the pipeline would be approximately 2,900 feet long. The pipeline would continue east in Soledad Strete for a distance of approximately 1,200 feet, then head north in Ruether Avenue for about 600 feet until Santa Clara Street and Furnivall Avenue. The pipeline would end at the site of the Sand Canyon pump station, which is currently under construction and scheduled for completion by December 2005. The Phase 2 pipeline would be approximately 7,000 feet long.
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Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency Addendum to the Final EIR Report for the Honby Pipeline Project
Castaic Lake Water Agency Honby Pipeline Project
Castaic Lake Water Agency Honby Pipeline Project
Castaic Lake Water Agency Honby Pipeline Project