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Vesting Hunter Ridge Project
The project component with the potential to physically change the environment is the grading, construction and occupancy of a proposed 114-lot residential subdivision on approximately 51 acres of the project site. The entitlements that must be issued by the City on the approximate 91-acre site prior to implementing the residential component of the proposed project consist of: a change in the existing Rural Residential (RR) General Plan and zoning of the project site (with a Master Plan Overlay (MFPO)) from RR to a mix of Estate Residential 1 on 12.92 acres (ER-1, base density of 0.5-130 du/ac, minimum lot size 1 acres, or 10,000 square feet with the MPO); Estate Residential 3 on 38.51 acre (ER-3, based density 2.0 to 3.0 du/ac, 10,000 square feet minimum lot size); and Open Space (OS) on 40.15 acres.
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City of Murrieta Vesting Hunter Ridge Project
City of Murrieta Vesting Hunter Ridge Project