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Waterfront Drive Extension Project
The City purposes to construct a two-lane extension of Waterfront Drive (approximately 9,000 lineal feet) southerly from Del Norte Street to Hilfiker Lane primarily along and within existing Northcoast Railroad Authority and City of Eureka Rights-of-way. A connection to U.S. Route 101/Broadway will be provided at Trusedale Avenue, with additional possible connections at McCullens Avenue and Bayshore Way. The new street section is proposed to vary between 36 feet (two 11-foot travel lanes, two 5-foot bike lanes, and a 4-foot sidewalk) and 46 feet wide (two 14-foot travel lanes, two 6-foot bike lanes, and a 6-foot sidewalk); the sidewalk is proposed along the eastern side of the roadway from the Bayshore Mall south. A Class 1 multi-use trail will parallel the bay side of the roadway, separated from it by a 4-ft. wide landscaped strip, from Del Norte Street to Truesdale Avenue. Another multi-use trail will be located along PALCO Marsh and Vigo Street in the same location as the existing trail/utility road, with the exception that the first 400 feet of the trail will be located slightly to the east of its current location. A traffic signal is proposed at the Broadway and Hilfiker Lane intersection. Other possible roadway connections to Broadway will include either traffic signal modification or new installations, depending on the intersection.
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City of Eureka Waterfront Drive Extension Project
City of Eureka Waterfront Drive Extension Project