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Richmond Greenway
The Unity Park Addendum to the Richmond Greenway Project IS/MND (2004) evaluates whether modifications/refinements to the project park design for Unity Park would insult in any new or substantially more adverse significant effects or require any new mitigation measures not identified in the 2004 IS/MND. similar to the Original Project, the Proposed project would consist of the development of a community park along a portion of the Richmond Greenway. The proposed project differs from the Original Project because it includes details on the proposed design for the park and also includes the acquisition and development of an adjacent parcel located at 1605 Ohio Avenue that was not evaluated in the 2004 IS/MND. As verified in the Addendum, the analyses and the conclusions in the 2004 IS/MND remain current and valid. The proposed revisions to the Original Project, in the form of development of additional park facilities, would not cause new significant effects not identified in the 2004 IS/MND nor increase the level of environmental effect to substantial or significant, and, hence, no new mitigation measures would be necessary to reduce significant effects. No change has occurred with respect to circumstances surrounding the proposed project that would cause new or substantially more severe significant environmental effects than were identified in the 2004 IS/MND. In addition, no new info has become available that shows that the project would cause new or substantially more sever significant environmental effects which have not already been analyzed in the 2004 IS./MND. Therefore, no further environmental review is required beyond the Addendum.
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City of Richmond Dirt World Bike Park Green Infrastructure
City of Richmond Richmond Greenway (Unity Park) Mitigated Negative Declaration Addendum
City of Richmond Richmond Greenway