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Las Pilitas Road Bridge Project C960015E/P12A204
A request to construct a new bridge across the Salinas River on Las Pilitas Road. The new bridge will be approximately 230 foot long and located approximately 200 feet south (upstream) from the existing bridge which will remain as a historical structure for pedestrian, bicycle and equestrian use. The roadway approach from the west would extend in a southeasterly direction, by-passing the existing curves on the Las Pilitas Road. From the proposed crossing Las Pilitas Road would curve in a northeasterly direction, joining the existing roadway at a point east of the river. The proposed bridge consists of two concrete cross box girders (two spans). Typical 12-foot travel lanes and guard rails along each side of the bridge would be accommodated within a width of less than 25 feet. The two concrete box girders would extend approximately 120 and 110 feet, respectively. Solid concrete piers would support the 8-foot thick concrete box girders, one pier would be located within the floodplain, along with abutments at both ends. The area of disturbance will total approximately 5.5 acres. The entire impacted area will be revegetated, and jute will be installed to prevent erosion.
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San Luis Obispo County Las Pilitas Road Bridge Project C960015E/P12A204
San Luis Obispo County Las Pilitas Road Bridge Project C960015E/P12A204