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AD 01-039; Log No. 01-02-010; Janssen Open Space Encroachment
The project is a request for an Administrative Permit for an open space encroachment that would allow for the construction of a driveway, in association with a proposed single-family residence, within an exiting open space easement. The biological open space easement was dedicated in 1981 as mitigation pursuant to TPM 16879; Log No. 80-8-23 and covers approximately 2.11 acres of the 6.54 acre parcel. The open space is for the protection of sensitive riparian habitats associated with Moosa Creek, which runs through the property. The proposed residence will be 1200 square feet and located immediately adjacent to the southern open space boundary. The driveway will serve the proposed residence from the existing main driveway, which is shared with the parcel to the west, under the same ownership. Access to the site will be from Old Castle Road. The proposed encroachment will impact a total of 0.23 acre of the open space easement as a result of grading for the driveway and fire clearing required for the residence. Proposed grading for project implementation will involve 1600 cubic yards of cut and fill. The proposed dwelling unit will utilize an on-site sewage disposal system and receive water service from the Valley Center Municipal Water District.
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San Diego County Janssen Open Space Encroachment
San Diego County AD 01-039; Log No. 01-02-010; Janssen Open Space Encroachment