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Redevelopment Project No. 4, Amendment No. 1
The project involves the adoption and implementation of an amendment to the Redevelopment Plan for Project No. 4. This action will extend the Redevelopment Agency's authority to purchase real property in the Project Area using eminent domain for an additional 12-year term. The proposed action will not alter the boundaries of the Project Area. Although no development or construction is proposed at this time, the continued implementation of the Redevelopment Plan is expected to facilitate commercial, office, industrial/manufacturing and public development in the Project Area in conformance with the Fullerton General Plan and to mitigate various blighting conditions that have been found within the Project Area. The primary goal of the Redevelopment Plan will continue to be the elimination of physical and economic blighting conditions that hinder the full development of the Project Area.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Fullerton Redevelopment Agency Redevelopment Project No. 4, Amendment No. 1
Fullerton Redevelopment Agency Fullerton Ave. Redevelopment