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Tentative Tract Map No. 30846 (Serenity Estates) Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
CDFW has executed lake and streambed alteration agreement no. 1600-2015-0142-R6 Revision 1, pursuant to section 1602 of the fish and game code to the project applicant, the Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District, as represented by Mr. Warren D. Williams. The project consists of the routine maintenance of Palomar and Corydon Channels. The 3.90-acre Palomar Channel and 0.21-acre Corydon Channel were created during the construction of the "Serenity Estates" development (Tentative Tract 30846; streambed alteration agreement no. 1600-2003-5108-R6). Corydon Channel was constructed as an approximately 25-ft wide, 580 ft long concrete lined rectangular channel. Palomar channel was constructed as a roughly 22-28 ft wide, 2,300 ft long, buried riprap trapezoidal channel. A 10 ft wide swath of willow/baccharis scrub (0.53 acre) was created within the invert of Palomar Channel to mitigate a portion of the project impacts. The remaining 3.37 acres within Palomar Channel was designed to include maintained riparian buffer zones on either side of the willow/baccharis scrub (0.87 acre), and buried, vegetated riprap channel slopes. Future maintenance within the channels was authorized within streambed alteration agreement 1600-2003-5108-R6 (2003 Agreement) and the amendment to the agreement issued Jan 19, 2006, which stated, "The remainder of the created channel (i.e., Palomar and Corydon channels) and its appurtenance (i.e., access road, inlet, outlet) will be subject to mowing, routine maintenance and repair/restoration without further mitigation required." The 0.53 acre swath of willow/baccharis habitat shall not be subject to maintenance activities except for any required repairs to the underlying riprap lined channel structure, as specified within the amendment. A total of 3.37 acres within the Palomar Channel will be subject to maintenance activities, including sediment and vegetation removal, erosion repair, and maintenance of existing structures. A total of 0.21 acres within the Corydon Channel will be subject to maintenance, consisting of vegetation and sediment removal from the channel bottom.
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City of Lake Elsinore Palomar and Corydon Channels (Routine Maintenance) (Lake or Streambed Alteration Agreement No. 1600-2015-0142-R6)
City of Lake Elsinore Serenity Estates TTM 30846
City of Lake Elsinore Tentative Tract Map No. 30846 (Serenity Estates) Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
City of Lake Elsinore Tentative Tract Map No. 30846