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Folsom Zoo Sanctuary Canine Exhibit
The proposed canine exhibit would include four exhibit spaces/ modules for three canine species, including six wolves, three coyotes, and four wolf-hybrids. The modules would consist of night houses (11 feet by 15 feet), animal and zookeeper corridors, fencing, and utilities. The project features would include landscape and water elements within each module. In addition, an asphalt pathway for visitors along the existing maintenance road and an elevated walkway over the wetland area would be included as part of the project. The pathway would connect to the main zoo exhibit area adjacent to the raccoon exhibit deck. An existing asphalt walkway along the west edge of the project site would be extended and used as a paved access road for zoo personnel.
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City of Folsom Canine Exhibit - Folsom City Zoo Sancutary
City of Folsom Folsom Zoo Sanctuary Canine Exhibit