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City of Lodi Water Well No. 26
Well 26 is a 384-foot deep; gravel enveloped water well located at 1020 Bridgetown Drive (APN: 015-530-56), which is within the existing 4.66-acre City of Lodi Katzakian Park site. The well has a sanitary seal to 144' below ground. It has a 125 hp motor and a vertical turbine pump producing an average of 1,400 gallons per minute. The well has a decorative block wall enclosure will be designed for sound attenuation with an overall sound level of 65 dBA at a distance of 60 feet. The well is designed to serve an approximately one half-mile radius of primarily residential development. The construction of the water well and its enclosure is pending certification of this document and subsequent approval by the State Department of Health Services.
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City of Lodi City of Lodi Water Well No. 26
City of Lodi City of Lodi Water Well No. 26