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UTT Middle School Field Lighting
The Tustin Unified School District proposes to undertake the construction and operation of field lighting at existing little league field at UTT Middle School ("Project"). The Project will be constructed in cooperation with the City of Tustin, in conjunction with and at the request of Tustin Eastern Little League, a non-profit organization which has operated a youth baseball league on fields at UTT Middle School for over ten years. The Project proposes to light the UTT Middle School athletic field at the corner of Browning and San Juan Streets to allow youth athletic activities after dusk. The fenced baseball diamond area would be most heavily used for baseball related activities during the Little League baseball season (February through July), with a reduction in use during the off-season (August through January), the area beyond the baseball diamond's left-field fence would be lighted and available for various activities, including soccer practices. The City of Tustin is deficient in lighted athletic facilities capable for use by Little League or soccer and is currently unable to provide practice facilities for all of the youth athletic teams. This project is a joint effort between the Tustin Eastern Little League (providing financial and project support contributions), the City of Tustin (which is providing financial assistance for the installation) and the Tustin Unified School District to more efficiently utilize existing youth sports facilities in Tustin.
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Tustin Unified School District UTT Middle School Athletic Field
Tustin Unified School District UTT Middle School Athletic Field
Tustin Unified School District UTT Middle School Field Lighting