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2001/2002 Waterline Replacement Program
The proposed project includes construction of approximately 13,000 linear feet of replacement waterlines within existing roadways in the Sunnyslope and Glen Avon area. All proposed project activities will occur within paved roadways that currently serve the established residential communities in the project area. The roadways identified for waterline installation are Armstrong Road, Valley Way, Sierra Avenue, Apple Avenue, Mission Boulevard, Granite Hill Drive, Hastings Boulevard, and 30th Street. The purpose of the proposed project is to replace the existing water delivery system that currently serves the project area. Waterline segments within Apple Avenue, Hastings Boulevard, and 30th Street will be constructed to comply with JCSD's policy establishing an 8" pipeline diameter minimum that was not in place when the original system was constructed. Proposed waterlines will meet minimum fire flow requirements and may facilitate potential water exchanges between JCSD and two other water agencies in the event of a water supply emergency.
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Jurupa Community Services District 2001/2002 Waterline Replacement Program
Jurupa Community Services District 2001/2002 Waterline Replacement Program