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Metro Career Center
Planned development permit, site development permit, street vacation, variance and a request for the release of home investment partnership program funds in the amount of $1,000,000 to construct a mix of office/retail/community/child care uses and a 120-unit affordable multi-family housing component, all on a 4.8-acre site. The career center would include approximately 73,647 square feet of office space , 5,591 square feet of retail space, 2,262 square feet of community use space, and a 6,200-square-foot children center. The multi-family housing complex would consist of nine three-to four-story buildings two lots, a single-story assembly and laundry building, and a single-story laundry and management office building. A five and one-half-story parking structure that would provide a total of 492 parking spaces is proposed as well. The project proposes to vacate a portion of 40th Street from Polk Avenue to just north of University Avenue within the Central Urbanized Planned District of the Mid-City and County of San Diego.
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City of San Diego Metro Career Center
City of San Diego Metro Career Center