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Nickel and Nickel Winery
In conjunction with the establishment of a 125,000 gallon per year winery, the operator proposes to install 225 feet of willow revetment, a 1.5 foot rock drop structure, removal of existing concrete and asphalt rubble from the channel, Pierce's Disease host plant removal, and the revegetation of native species on an unnamed tributary to the Napa River at 8164 St. Helena Highway, APN 031-010-003, Oakville, Napa County. The drainage is approximately 700 linear feet in length, 30 to 60 feet in width, and averages approximately 8 feet deep. The banks were cleared of vegetation previously and the new owners would like to restore the drainage. The willow revetments are poposed from 0+00 to 1+20 and 2+13 to 3+15 to stabilize the near vertical bank. A loose, natural rock drop structure is proposed for station 1+93 to 2+13 to be used as a grade control structure and to stabilize the bed. The drop structure is approximately 20 feet in length and will drop approximately 1.5 feet over a 4.5 foot stretch.
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Napa County Nickel and Nickel Winery
Napa County Nickel and Nickel Winery