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Nursery Products
The proposed project consists of entitlements for the construction and operation of a composting recycling center for green wastes and bio-solids. Bio-solids are digested, de-watered sewage sludge from municipal water reclamation facilities throughout southern California, including bio-solids from the City of Adelanto's municipal water reclamation facility. Green waste is spent wood, branches, trees, grass and other organic wood wastes. Both the green waste and bio-solids will be trucked into the Nursery Products facility Monday through Friday. The clean wood or green wastes is pre-processed using a Morbark 1300 tub grinder. The bio-solids are tipped from the end dump truck directly onto the mixing platform. Using a front-end loader shovel, the bio-solids are mixed with wood/green waste at a ratio of 50% bio-solids to 50% wood green waste. Using the same loading shovel the mixed wastes are constructed into windrows of eight to twelve feet in height. A proprietary catalyst is then added using the front-end shovel. The microorganisms within the catalyst will migrate along the windrow surface very rapidly and proceed to penetrate in time into the core of the pile. The windrow remains untouched for approximately 4-5 weeks. There is no physical movement of the pile. The microorganisms do all of the work. Conventional composting requires that the windrows be frequently turned to aerate to add oxygen. That will not be the case at the Nursery Products facility.
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City of Adelanto Nursery Products
City of Adelanto Nursery Products
City of Adelanto TPS Nursery Products