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Brian Holthouse Minor Subdivision-MS 1110-99
This is a minor land division dividing an existing 15.58 acre lot into one 5 acre and one 10.58 acre lot. Access from San Juan Canyon Road is via an existing private road that borders the property on the southeast. A new, separate driveway will be constructed from the private road to the proposed building site on Parcel 2. Water for domestic use on Parcel 2 will be brought from an existing off-site well located near San Juan Canyon Road, subject to approval of a water permit. Wastewater disposal for Parcel 2 will be accomplished by the construction of a new, individual on-site septic system. Stormwater runoff generated by the new residence on Parcel 2 will be detained on-site. Wooded areas will be designated "non-buildable" and a building envelope for Parcel 2 will be set aside in an area of relatively gentle slopes near the southeastern corner of the property. Slopes over 30% will be designated non-developable. Due to the very high fire danger in the area, automatic fire sprinklers, fire retardant building materials, and fire resistant landscaping are required for any dwelling unit on proposed Parcel 2. Secondary access for emergency egress and fire apparatus access will be provided via an easement over existing ranch roads connecting San Juan Canyon Road to Saint Francis Retreat Road. Density will be limited to one single-family dwelling per lot and no senior second units shall be allowed.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
San Benito County Minor Subdivision 1110-99, Brian and Cynthia Holthouse
San Benito County Brian Holthouse Minor Subdivision-MS 1110-99
San Benito County Brian Holthouse Minor Subdivision-MS 1110-99