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Berman Special Permit (SP-00-21)
A Special Permit for the removal and clearing of timber and woody vegetation from an approximate 3.5 acre undeveloped parcel. The project consists of: Phase l - timber removal within the building envelope and access driveway through development conducted under a building permit; Phase ll - timber removal for areas outside Phase l (contingent upon Special Permit approval). A total of approximately 40-50 second growth redwood trees are proposed to be removed during Phase I and Phase ll. Although the timber removal will convert the area of undeveloped forest land to a non-timber use and provide open area for future residential development, much of the remaining area will retain a forested character.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Humboldt County Berman Special Permit (SP-00-21)
Humboldt County Berman Special Permit (SP-00-21)