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Proposed North Preisker Ranch Junior High School
The proposed project consists of constructing a Junior High School on a 14-acre parcel and an adjoining park on a 3-acre parcel. The proposed junior high school would serve approximately 1,050 students in grades 7 and 8 from the greater Santa Maria area. Most of these students would be bused to the school site. Sixty to 65 teachers and administrative staff would be required for the school. The proposed school would be 77,070 square feet (sf) and include 7 classrooms 85,000-7,000 sf each consisting of classrooms and/or shop and work buildings, an administration building (8,000 sf), a library building (5,625 sf), a multipurpose building (6,946 sf), one gymnasium (8,775 sf), playing fields, and a parking lot. Tennis courts, paved play areas, and a turf field would be included in the proposed park. The gymnasiums would be used for special events. Nighttime lighting would be required for lighting buildings, parking lots, and tennis courts. Roadways and infrastructure would be extended and brought into the area. Roadway improvements are not part of this project but are part of the North Preisker Ranch Specific Plan.
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Santa Maria-Bonita School District North Preisker Ranch Junior High School Mitigated Negative Declaration
Santa Maria-Bonita School District Proposed North Preisker Ranch Junior High School