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Rehabilitation of DFG Fish Screen Hallwood/Cordua Canal
The CDFG is executing Lake or SAA #R2-605-99 pursuant to Section 1601 of the FGC to the project applicant, Cordua Irrigation District of Yuba County. The agreement pertains to the modifications and upgrade of the existing fish screen located in the Cordua/Hallwood diversion canal from the Yuba River at Daguerre Point Dam. The system will be upgraded for more efficient return of the screened fish to the Yuba River, via larger exhaust pipe, improved concrete structure adjacent to the canal, and larger swale that discharges into the river. An alternative to enlarging the existing swale would be an even larger exhaust to return the screened fish directly back to the Yuba River.
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Type Lead/Public Agency Received Title
Cordua Irrigation District Repair/Rehabilitation of DFG Fish Screen in the Hallwood/Cordua Irrigation District Canal
Cordua Irrigation District Rehabilitation of DFG Fish Screen Hallwood/Cordua Canal