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Growth Management System
The Board directed that Staff incorporate changes into the Ordinance to exempt certain types of projects and add additional flexibility. New Ordinance exempts the following types of projects: - Development projects utilizing Transfer of Development Credits (TDC). While there is no current TDC program in place at this time (other than General Plan Policies), future TDC projects may be considered exempt by the Board of Supervisors. - Projects with an approved Development Agreement exempting or modifying the requirements of the Growth Management Ordinance. - Projects subject to a vote of the people pursuant to the Potential Residential Growth Increase (PRGI) Ordinance. - Projects located where the zoning and General Plan already identify the site as high density residential, and a "will-service" letter or similar instrument has been provided from the appropriate water and sewer districts. - Minor subdivision for family members under certain conditions. Currently, one-time one-lot "family splits" are exempt from the allocation process when the new parcel is for a family member and the applicant agrees to record a deed restriction prohibiting sale of the new lot for ten years. This exemption is being expanded to allow minor subdivision (up to four lots) to be exempt under the same conditions. - Court ordered lot splits.
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San Benito County Growth Management System
San Benito County Growth Management System